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Piazza Navona

It rises on the ancient Stadium of Domitian whose elliptic form that maintains.

It is of one of the most beautiful and more famous plazas in Rome where you can admire masterpieces from artists as Bernini, Borromini and Giacomo Della Porta that was among the most important exponents of Baroque Art .

In the plaza they are three magnificent fountains: the central one, the Fontana dei Fiumi served as Bernini that he built here it as a base for the Egyptian obelisk it transferred from Circo di Massenzio; the side ones, the Moor's Fountain and the Calderoni's Fountain that are been drawn by Giacomo Della Porta before Bernini built the central and memorable fountain.

In the centre of the plaza, in front of the fountain of berninian the Church of St. Agnes in Agone contest is standing, it served as G. Rainaldi and Borromini; it represents a magnificent example of Baroque building.

Inside the church you can see in the wine cellars the ruins of the original church and the Stadium of Domitian.

The place, one of the more frequented in Rome by the tourists and by the Romans, are a place of reunion that gives the welcome thousand of people up to late night, offering local neighbourhoods and many kinds of restaurants; wine shops of the area it is rather famous.
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