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San Marco - Castello

It is the smallest sestiere but is as little as a precious diamond that has the most beautiful buildings of Venice and even of the world.

As you arrive in Saint Marco's square you have reached the centre of the sestiere; now place yourself in the middle of the square and think to yourself that you are in the most beautiful place in the world surrounded by hundreds of years of history represented by superb monuments.

Also its café are delicious with their outside armchairs and their orchestras of classical music which, in those foggy days of November, can carrie you away in a rarefied dream dimension.

You have also meet el paron de casa, the master of the household as we call the belfry, so now you can start visit this breath-taking house: just choose one monument, open all your senses and breath art, beauty and history all together.

The maps shows Venice shaped like a fish and Castello is it’s tail. Is the largest and most varied of the six sestieri and also, most importantly , the home of Arsenal, which stands behind its high towers, a forbidden city within a city.

The northern part of the sestiere was controlled by mendicant orders, whose charitable institutions proliferated.
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